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Photo of Briannah Hill
Briannah wears a white head covering and black rounded glasses. Briannah has a white turtleneck top and dangly earrings. Briannah stands against a black and white background.

Briannah Hill


Briannah Hill, a.k.a ArtsyQ, identifies as a Blaqueer [Black & Queer] Nonbinary individual. They are a poet, storyteller, workshop facilitator, virtual assistant, and educator. They graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a major in Ethnic Studies, emphasizing Blaqueer and Transgender Studies. They also have a minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Their passion and work are driven by their artist-activist evolution, and they are in-it-to-win-it when it comes to breathing life back into Black imagination, Black joy, and Black futures. Briannah works very closely with the LGBTQIA+ community and believes in working in partnership with Black and Brown youth in society.

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