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Photo of Shanae Adams
Shanae stands against a white background and smiles at the camera. Shanae is wearing a black and white paisley blazer. Shanae has glasses and locks that are dark brown with a streak of green.

Shanae Adams


Shanae received her Master’s in Clinical Counseling from Adams’s State University in May 2020. Her practice M.A.I Therapeutic Services focuses on sex-positivity and trauma with the goal of helping people become the beings they desire to be.

Shanae is a highly sought-out presenter as she is extremely personable, entertaining, and well-versed during her programs. Participants compliment her on the relaxed delivery style and the safe and comfortable atmosphere she creates with each workshop. In all her workshops she brings an intersectional lens to include and appreciate the different voices, identities, and experiences that may be in the room. Sex-positivity is the foundation for the content she creates. She aims to affirm all those that seek to learn from her.

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