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Candace Liger
A headshot of Candace Liger, a black cisgender female with short black hair.

Candace Liger


I don't "deserve" pleasure. It is my inherent right. It is my medicine. And I'm committed to savoring every glorious drop of it!

Candace “Coach Felyne” Liger is a nationally recognized BDSM/KINK educator, community organizer, fitness coach, performance artist, and bodyworker championing creative wellness practices, body activism, and PROACTIVE self-care for the FIERCE ones.  She is the founder of Project Blackbird, a digital advocacy organization rooted in reimaging freedom in our bodies.  Their latest campaign #ConsentConscious uses BDSM/kink philosophies to create comprehensive, sex work informed consent education to support the health, pleasure, and safety of BIPOC communities.  In the past year, she has been featured at Sex on Stage, Sex Down South Conference,  Black Love Convergence, Vino & Vulvas, and has hosted workshops across the nation centering on radical consent and liberation. 

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