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Christy Croft
A headshot of Christy Croft, a white cisgender female with gray hair.

Christy Croft


It’s okay to have boundaries, even if they come from trauma. You don’t have to gold medal in every event to be sex positive!

Christy: Christy Croft is a queer, nonbinary independent consent and sexuality educator, writer, and queer organizer who works a full-time day job as a state and national trainer on violence prevention, trauma, and sexual assault advocacy. For a decade, they answered hotlines and provided hospital accompaniment at their local rape crisis center, where they enjoyed leading a support group for survivors learning to connect to more embodied sexuality. Their lived experiences include complex trauma, sex work, ecstatic dance, and fire performance, all of which have contributed to their lens on the relationships between trauma, the body, and the experience of pleasure. They are the co-author of Emergent Space: Finding an Alternative.

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