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Photo of Greg Ward
Greg Ward wears a grey newsboy hat above black framed glasses a full face of facial hair. He wear a striped shirt with varying shades of blue.

Greg Ward


Greg Ward has been actively running bi+ orgs since 2013 when he first founded Bisexuals In Metro Phoenix, a social organization that was bi people hanging out together. He had just come out to everyone he knew the previous year, and there was no bi organization that he could find at the time. Over the years spending time online and reading about the various labels people use within our community, he set out to make the organization more inclusive of others especially pansexuals, polysexuals, non-monosexual queer people, homoflexible and heteroflexible people, and those who do not prefer labels, so he formed Fluid Arizona in 2015, which ultimately morphed into Fluid Array Foundation in 2018. He has participated in the #StillBisexual campaign and his video was selected to be in the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco in 2016, edited and produced by Still Bisexual founder Nicole Kristal. He’s been interviewed by NBC News, Hornet, & Freedom For All Americans. He was invited to the third Bisexual Community Briefing at the White House in September of 2016 and spoke on a panel sharing his experience of being discriminated against in the workplace because of his sexual orientation. He wrote for, from 2016 to 2018, interviewing closeted bi people ready to come out, as well as his personal experiences as a bent (his reclaiming of an old slur, but reframed to be short for “bisexual gentleman” or more simply a “bi man”). He actively engages with bi leaders, activists, and people throughout the US and around the globe and runs the various social media accounts online for Fluid Array Foundation. When he’s not working with the bi community, he spends the remaining time with his boyfriend of 5 years, Lane.

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