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Photo of LaSonia King
LaSonia has long dark black hair with a pink headband. Her hair is in her hair and she has a ring and a shiny gold bracelet on. She wears a necklace and a yellow shirt with a black collar.

LaSonia King


A native of Baltimore, Maryland, and having just graduated high school two years early, LaSonia found herself entering college, turning sixteen and realizing there was more to the woman coming of age in 1997. She was finding herself – ready to acknowledge the woman looking back at her in the mirror and so like so many; I am CAME OUT to my friends, my family… to the world.

But it would take another twelve years for her to realize that so many women struggled to not only love in their love language but feel accepted by those in their life and the world in general. In wanting to give women like me the opportunity to move beyond stereotypes and feel validated she found herself creating social gatherings, group discussions; safe spaces for women to come and feel comfortable expressing and being themselves.

In creating these opportunities, LaSonia found herself with a burning desire to found a LGBTQ sorority focused on Bisexual women. To be bonded by a common purpose and working towards a dream of visibility for the bisexual community overall, she founded Alpha Zeta Gamma Sorority, Inc. Celebrating thirteen years of sisterhood, Alpha Zeta Gamma Sorority Inc. is proud to have members all over the United States. We has devoted our energy to passionately advocating for the Bisexual woman, the BiCommunity and any woman who feels she is a under-represented member of the global lgbtqq+ family.

I believe sexuality in its simplest form offers you the opportunity to move beyond stereotypes and accept your sexuality for what it really is: one more equally valid expression of this complex world of human sexuality.

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