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photograph of Jamila Aisha
A black and white photo of Jamila Aisha. Jamila poses, touching her black framed glasses and wears a white shirt and hoop earings.

Jamila Aisha


Throughout Jamila’s varied career history, there has been one theme: PERSONAL CONNECTIONS. Whether she is showing people how to connect to themselves and others intimately, if she is providing social and human relation services, or developing communication strategies and other training programs for organizations to connect to their audience, Jamila has always found herself working in a capacity centered around this theme. Employment in public relations, policy programming, advocacy, training, and education only scratches the surface. Her desire to connect continues to grow deeper… She has always been interested in people and their HOW and WHY. This interest was the motivation behind the pursuit of her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. with a concentration in Costuming and Fashion History. Albeit a somewhat roundabout way, Jamila pursued this degree to study how people and societies used art, design, fashion, and spiritual and sexual beliefs to tell the story of their culture. This degree and interest led her down many career roads. Jamila uses this interest to help people connect introspectively, interpersonally, and to the world around them.

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