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Photo of Leo Kattari
Leo is smiling and staring at the camera. Leo is bald with a dark beard. Leo is wearing square shaped brown glasses and a grey blazer with a colorful shirt underneath.

Leo Kattari


Leo Kattari (he/they) is a doctoral candidate at the Michigan State University School of Social Work and a lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Social Work. Their research explores LGBTQ+ health and wellness with a particular focus on transgender and gender diverse related civic engagement and community change. He is a passionate advocate for equity and justice with over a decade of experience in the areas of health education, health policy, community mobilization and organizing, and advocacy through storytelling. He has provided presentations, trainings, and consultation services on leadership development, cultural responsiveness, putting data into action, and story-telling techniques throughout the U.S. to agencies such as the Mayo Clinic, various state and county health departments, and the U.S. Department of Human Service’s Office of Adolescent Health. He is invested in community driven and data informed action that advances health equity through public policy, funding priorities, and innovative systems change.

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