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Photo of Mahx-Capacity
Mahx-Capacity stands bare-skinned against a black background. Their hair is dark with shaved sides and black and brown curls and their chin is titled up with strength.

Mahx Capacity


Mahx Capacity (they/them) is one of the original founders and the current owner and Creative Director of internationally award-winning queer porn studio AORTA films. A white, fat, transgender, non-binary taurean pleasure prince, they’re obsessed with wielding queer porn as a tool for destabilizing pleasure, fierce vulnerability, and complex humanity. Mahx’s films have won awards in the US, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria, and as a performer, they’ve worked with AORTA films, Meow Meow Collective, and Four Chambers. You can find them in Brooklyn, deepening their BDSM practice, and contemplating what strangers look like when they come. @MahxCapacityV / 

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