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Mandy Salley
A headshot of Mandy Salley, a white cisgender female with brown hair.

Mandy Salley


Chief Operating Officer

Mandy Salley has been a part of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation since 2014 when she first served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Annual Sexual Freedom Summit. She is a licensed Social Worker and has experience in inpatient hospitals, geriatric day programs, and rape crises.

Mandy brings her passion for social justice and loving others to Woodhull as the Chief Operations Officer (COO). In her role, Mandy plays an integral role in managing the day-to-day operations of Woodhull and is fully engaged in all aspects of the work of Woodhull – from Woodhull’s Human Rights Commissions to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit. Mandy’s vision and fresh, innovative approaches to Woodhull’s work have provided new, exciting opportunities for the organization.

When not working with Woodhull you can find Mandy in her garden with her two geriatric golden retrievers – Layla & Petey

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