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Photo of Mila Lapente
Mila poses in front of a white background. She wears a white tank top with black lettering and has short dark spiked hair and colorful tattoos.

Mila Lapente


Mila Lapente is a political activist, writer, and practicing prole. She received her BA in Gender and Labor Studies from SUNY Empire State College as a continuing-ed, student-debtor, and believes education should be accessible, non-elitist, and free. Through the lens of class-consciousness, her area of focus explores sex work and other informal economies in socialist contexts. She has organized on behalf of sex workers, poor people, and others exploited by capitalism from the Northeastern U.S., to Atlanta, to Cuba. Her creative writing has been published in St. James Infirmary/Red Umbrella Rides’ Sex Worker Safety Zine.

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