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TT Baum
A headsot of TT Baum, a white cisgender male with short blonde hair.

TT Baum


Everyone as a right to explore their sexuality, and find out what works for them!

TT Baum is a Sacred Intimate, sex educator, and Bondassage Trainer based in San Francisco. His work with individual clients and groups focuses on helping people to discover and integrate their own sexual identities. In 2013 he developed a series of adult focused sex education workshops. He continues to teach groups around the United States and Canada. He has been an active officer in Bay Area SWOP, and spoken on several panels at Bay Area universities, through the now-defunct speakers bureau: WhoreSpeak. In 2015 after a brief contract as a brand manager, he was directly affected by the raid at This experience deepened his commitment to sex worker rights advocacy and activism.

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