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Memo of Support for House Resolution 5250

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation strongly supports House Resolution 5250, which would create a special legislative commission to ensure racial equity and the optimization of health and safety laws impacting marginalized individuals. I am Ricci Levy and I am one of…

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Joint Public Interest and Industry Comments

The undersigned commenters represent a very broad coalition of public interest and industry groups that have divergent views on many of the issues raised in this proceeding, but that strongly agree on one point: the content filtering mandate proposed by…

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Assessing Domestic Abstinence-Only Programs

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform  Statement of   The Woodhull Freedom Federation  Assessing Domestic Abstinence-Only Programs  April 23, 2008  In Support of Comprehensive Sexuality Education  Very few Congressional hearings are as important to the health of our children as this…

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