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Isaacs Obscenity Case & Life Without Miller

In a not-so-surprising, albeit disappointing, decision affecting the adult entertainment industry, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld the obscenity conviction of fetish producer, Ira Isaacs. Isaacs was originally charged with violating federal obscenity statutes in 2007, after the…

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The Great Firewall of Britain

We started hearing rumblings of anti-porn censorship by European governments at the beginning of the year. Back in March, the E.U. Parliament voted on a proposal that would have set out the path for laws “banning pornography in all media”…

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Free Speech, the First Amendment and Woodhull

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance is one of the few organizations wholly devoted to preserving sexual freedom as one of society’s foremost fundamental human rights.  With controversial topics like sexual equality and autonomy comprising the core of Woodhull’s mission, the organization’s…

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Dangerous Intersections

Could a webcam model also be a paid escort and an active member of a “hookup” dating site?  Naturally, the answer is “yes,” but at what costs?  Blurring the lines between these adult-themed user categories creates an uncharted hybrid of…

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