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Woodhull Files Amicus Brief in Doe v. Grindr

  • Ricci Levy

Yesterday, the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, represented by Woodhull’s General Counsel, Walters Law Group, joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation in submitting an amicus brief asking the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit to affirm the dismissal of a complaint…

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Photo of a Person's Torso

The Maternal Mental Health Crisis

  • Wendy Stanga

A new report from the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health studied how each state in the U.S. is responding to the needs of new and expecting mothers. The results are, put bluntly, dismal – as the report notes, the…

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Photo of advocates at Decrim NY Advocacy Day

Advocacy Day Reflections

  • Mandy Salley

Legislative advocacy can feel like shouting into the void. Endless letters and statements answered by generic emails from Legislators and their staffers, followed by anxiously waiting for the result of a floor vote, can negatively affect morale and motivation. I…

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