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The Beauty of Older Women’s Bodies

The "ideal" woman's body is lithe, slim, strong without being bulky. It is covered in skin that is smooth, moist, unwrinkled, taut without being tight. That is the woman we are shown when we look for "beautiful women." And those…

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Last week I introduced a new project I'm working on, and shared a small excerpt. Today I have a question. I've been thinking about this question a lot as I think about my relationship with my mother, and as I…

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Many of you know that almost a year ago my mother died, and I spent most of the eight months before that with her in the various hospital and rehab settings in which she spent her last months. For the…

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Details of your sex life, $10.00 in Florida!

In an article in the Sun Sentinel reporter Brittany Wallman share the details of a survey about the sex lives of 4100 women ages 18 to 24 being conducted of Florida's Department of Health. The 12-page questionnaire appalled some who saw it,…

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