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Details of your sex life, $10.00 in Florida!

In an article in the Sun Sentinel reporter Brittany Wallman share the details of a survey about the sex lives of 4100 women ages 18 to 24 being conducted of Florida's Department of Health. The 12-page questionnaire appalled some who saw it,…

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Women’s Freedom From Violence in Jeopardy!

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote as early as TODAY on the Adams version of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, also known as VAWA, (H.R. 4970). This bill not only eliminates important provisions included in the…

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Conservatives’ Deep-Set Fear of Sexual Freedom

by Guest Blogger: Amanda Marcotte Right-wingers seem to have a deep-seated fear of women's sexual rights Reposted with permission from RH Reality Check There’s a tendency among prominent anti-choicers to speak elliptically of their beliefs, knowing that straightforward statements of…

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Cinderella Disguised as Porn, Oh My!

Could it be that we have reached the point in society where it's more acceptable as adults to read porn than to read an adult fairytale?  I'm not saying that would be a bad thing. In fact, quite the opposite.…

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