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Sex, Witchcraft and the War on Women

The right wing war on women is certainly no new development.  Like many, if not most of the primitivist planks in the right wing cultural platform, their fear and loathing of anything sexual (outside of the act of procreation) is…

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Two stories about gender inequality

Two stories about gender and children caught my eye, over the last couple days. They are not at all connected to each other, but the more I thought about them, the more I realized that they illustrate very different responses…

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It’s the people, not the religion!

There was a little noted article in The Independent, Vatican confirms report of sexual abuse and rape of nuns by priests in 23 countries This information has received so little attention - and it should be headline news.  Not only…

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War Against Women in Our Own Country

It's an inquisition as virulent as any Inquisition.  It's a holocaust with women and children as the targets. It's a fear-driven, rhetoric-inspired hysteria. It's a war. It's a war of words, not guns.  And the victims are women and children. …

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Body, Be Good

I was thirteen when I first began starving myself, but you’ve heard stories like mine before.  Like genital mutilation and date rape, anorexia has had its recurring moments in the spotlight, an issue sensational enough for TV movies and the…

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Where all the labia are above average

One of the things that's kept me from blogging recently - aside from family concerns, work, and all the ordinary stuff that keeps people from blogging - is this paralysis that comes when I find a story I want to…

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