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OnlyFans Statement

When OnlyFans announced it was going to ban pornography on its platform they were clearly participating in a campaign to police, restrict, and punish sexual pleasure. The reaction from sex workers and their allies was swift and fierce. Without these…

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Oregon Sex Workers Human Rights Commission

The Sex Workers Human Rights Commission

My name is Ricci Levy and I’m the President & CEO of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, founded in 2003. We’re a human rights organization whose work is focused at the intersection of sexual and human rights.  We are the lead…

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Surviving Crisis

Throughout the pandemic, we have undoubtedly navigated terrifying, exceptional conditions. But few of the crises we have managed are new, and most are not inevitable consequences of a deadly virus. Rather, they are caused and exacerbated by profound injustices that…

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Photo of a patient and a doctor

Crowdfunding Human Rights?

We Can’t Crowdfund Human Rights  Crowdfunding, or online fundraising, seeks to address myriad needs through asking people—often strangers on the Internet—for donations. Take a few minutes to scroll through GoFundMe, the world’s largest social fundraising platform. There are people soliciting…

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