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Abortion is a Disability Issue

Usually, when folks with disabilities are mentioned in conversations about abortion, it’s in reference to birth defects. As Samantha Chavarria writes, such conversations are dominated by anti-abortion advocates’ weaponization of the disability community’s valid fears about eugenics.  The anti-abortion movement…

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The LGBTQ+ Housing Crisis

According to an August 2021 report from the Williams Institute, an LGBTQ+ public policy research center at the UCLA School of Law, just 25% of non-LGBTQ+ adults rent their homes, as compared to 41% of LGBTQ+ adults. Per the report,…

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OnlyFans’ Banning of Porn and Reversal

by Tess Joseph On August 19, 2021, OnlyFans shocked the internet, announcing a policy change that would, as multiple news outlets wrote, “ban porn.” The platform’s statement read: “Effective 1 October, 2021, OnlyFans will prohibit the posting of any content…

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OnlyFans Statement

When OnlyFans announced it was going to ban pornography on its platform they were clearly participating in a campaign to police, restrict, and punish sexual pleasure. The reaction from sex workers and their allies was swift and fierce. Without these…

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