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First Forbidden Words. Next, Forbidden People!

In yet another disastrous display of the true agenda of the trump administration seven words were listed as “forbidden” for use by the Center for Disease Control. Vulnerable, Entitlement, Diversity, Transgender, Fetus, Evidence-Based, Science-Based Take a moment to think about…

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Centering Sexual Freedom on Human Rights Day

Happy Human Rights Day! Today marks the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , a document that identified the inalienable rights to which everyone is inherently entitled as a human being -- regardless of race, religion, sex, language,…

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Woodhull Responds to Proposed Title IX Rollback

Yesterday Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, announced her decision to scale down or remove Title IX protections on college campuses. Title IX holds universities across the country accountable for supporting survivors of sexual assault. Hiding behind a false assertion that…

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