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A black and white photo of people at a protest.

To President Biden Re: Decriminalization

May 23, 2023, via the White House website Dear President Biden, Thank you again for affirming in your June 1, 2021 proclamation on LGBTQ Pride Month that LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. As Pride Month 2023 approaches, I am writing…

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Woodhull Participates in Day of Action in Albany, NY

Albany, NY - April 26, 2023. Woodhull Freedom Foundation joined allies from fifteen organizations for Immunity NY’s Day of Action Against Gender-Based Violence yesterday. Supporting S4266A/A5288A, a bill that would establish a task force on missing women who are black, indigenous, and…

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FOSTA Five Years Later

April 11th, was the 5th anniversary of FOSTA becoming law. FOSTA, AKA SESTA, is the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act. FOSTA does NOT fight sex trafficking; in fact, it has a host of other dangerous consequences. It is, we believe,…

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