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Letter of Support for New York State’s Immunity Law

February 20, 2024 Re: Woodhull Freedom Foundation Supporst A.7471(Kelles)/ S.1966 (Sepulveda) Dear Legislator: The Woodhull Freedom Foundation supports A.7471/S.1966, legislation to enable victims and witnesses to a crime to be able to seek help without fear of being prosecuted for…

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Photo of Street Signs

Fact Check: Pornography Does Not Incite Violence

Pornography is often blamed for causing, instigating, or inspiring violence in (especially) men against (mainly) women. However, studies used to demonstrate causation consistently fail to establish any direct links. At most, studies show that those who may have violent or…

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Screenshot of "NSFW Content on Reddit"

NSFW Content on Reddit with Dr. Val Webber

Over the past several years, online platforms have changed their attitudes about hosting explicit content on their sites and, in turn, changed their moderation policies. What happens to creators and workers relying on those platforms to market their businesses and…

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