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Photo of the Speakers at the Human Rights Commission

The Entrapment and Harassment of LGTBQ People

Entrapment and harassment of gay and bi men, trans people, and sex workers by law enforcement continue to be widespread in all parts of the country. These civil and human rights violations devastate individuals and their families but rarely receive…

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Woodhull Launches Petition to Block EARN IT Act

(September 20, 2022/Washington, D.C.) The Woodhull Freedom Foundation, the national advocacy organization for sexual rights, has launched a petition demanding Senators meet with Woodhull and other groups concerned about the controversial EARN IT Act. The EARN IT Act incentivizes internet…

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The Censorship of Sexual Freedom Witnesses

The Censorship of Sexual Freedom

Censorship is everywhere - and almost all of it is aimed squarely at sexual expression. Limiting our access to and enjoyment of sexual freedom is a fundamental human rights violation that affects every one. That’s why Woodhull’s Human Rights Commission…

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Stadium Seats Photo

Fact or Fiction: Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl (Cancelled)

Fact or Fiction: Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl began as an in-person event in Los Angeles on February 10th - Super Bowl week. Because of COVID and our concern about keeping people safe, we tried to move this Human Rights Commission to a virtual event. We quickly came to realize that we could not pivot and shift all of the wonderful participants and elements of the program to a virtual event in time for the February 10th event, and so we made the difficult decision to postpone the Super Bowl event until 2023 (we’ll see you live in Phoenix!).
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