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Photo of Veronica Urquilla

Veronica Urquilla, MSW

Veronica Urquilla is a social worker and community leader with over 20 years of experience creating and leading public, nonprofit,…

Photo of Briannah Hill

Briannah Hill

Briannah Hill, a.k.a ArtsyQ, identifies as a Blaqueer [Black & Queer] Nonbinary individual. They are a poet, storyteller, workshop facilitator,…

Photo of Shanae Adams

Shanae Adams

Shanae received her Master's in Clinical Counseling from Adams's State University in May 2020. Her practice M.A.I Therapeutic Services focuses…

Photo of Becky Tahublu

Becky Taha’Blu

Becky Taha'Blu also known as MisTrystBlu to some that are taboo is a co-organizer and activist for survivors lasciviously undermining…

Photo of Steve Dean

Steve Dean

Steve Dean is a dating industry consultant, relationship coach, and avid community builder. Since 2011, Steve has lived nomadically around…

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Susan Kaye, PhD

Dr. Susan Kaye is a sexual well-being specialist with a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. She has 30 years of experience…

Photo of Al Vernacchio

Al Vernacchio

Al Vernacchio is the N-12 Sexuality Education Coordinator and also a member of the Upper School English department at Friends’…

Sam Ames

Sam Ames

Sam Ames,Esq., JD, MTS, is a civil rights attorney, author, and national LGBTQ rights advocate. They served as interim executive…

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