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Ben Benavides
A headshot of Ben Benavides, a hispanic cisgender male with short gray hair.

Ben Benavides


Board Member

Ben has been associated with Woodhull since 2012 and is an LGBTQ ally whose almost 18 years of military service and 14 years as a civil servant have exposed him to dozens of cultures around the world.

During his time in the Marines, Ben traveled to more than three dozen countries, some more troubled than others, and saw the effects when human rights are egregiously violated.  Ben believes that although the United States is generations ahead of many foreign countries, in terms of human rights, we still need to address certain human rights issues to ensure every person is treated fairly regardless of their beliefs or way of life.

As a proud and dedicated civil servant, Ben currently serves as a mid-level manager for a federal agency that is dedicated to the protection of all people in the united states, their civil rights and civil liberties, and our nation’s security.  Ben has received several awards and recognition for both his personal and team efforts but is most proud of the team awards.

Ben has several degrees, certificates, awards, and years of experience in the fields of business, management and leadership.  His proven organizational talents and skills help the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance deliver and run a smooth Summit where the attendees can concentrate on the sessions and not the venues.  Ben is most comfortable behind the scenes making sure “things don’t fall through the cracks”, so if you stand still while attending a Summit, you will probably see him whiz by taking care of the operational support that makes our Summits run smoothly and loved by all.

Ben lives in Maryland and has been happily married for 25 years to the love of his life.  They have a 14-year-old son who suffers parents who permanently wear mom-and-dad-goggles.  Ben is most happy when he is helping.

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