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Photo of Grace Harsche

Grace Harsche


Grace Harsche (she/her) is a senior at Tulane University, double majoring in International Relations and Social Policy and Practice with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Throughout her time at Tulane, Grace has been involved in many activism groups on campus, including serving as the Vice President for Students United for Reproductive Justice, volunteering for an emergency contraception delivery service, and mentoring for Women and Youth Supporting Each Other, an after-school program that teaches middle school aged female-identifying people sex-ed, positive relationships, and setting future goals.
Grace has interned with several nonprofits, including Lift Louisiana, the Middle East Policy Council, and the Alice Paul Institute. Upon her graduation, Grace hopes to work in policy advocacy in the realms of human rights or women’s rights. She is excited about this role and looking forward to learning about the work of Woodhull.
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