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Photo of Reba Corrine Thomas
A headshot of Reba Corrine Thomas, a black cisgender female with long black hair.

Reba Corrine Thomas


Reba Corrine Thomas is a trailblazing advocate and visionary leader in the field of sexual health education on a mission to revolutionize adult sexual health education through her innovative ventures. As the CEO and Founder of Sexpert Consultants LLC, she has redefined the landscape by employing a multifaceted approach encompassing live workshops, coaching, and professional certifications.

Reba’s commitment extends beyond business, as evidenced by her role as an ambassador for the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, a platform dedicated to promoting sexual freedom and justice. Her influential work and expertise have earned her recognition as the featured intimacy expert on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort. With a forthcoming book titled “A Free Person’s Guide to Sex,” Reba is poised to bring her insightful perspectives on sexual well-being to a broader audience.

In addition to her advocacy and entrepreneurship, Reba is a co-founder of 38 Creative Media Group, emphasizing her dedication to creative expression and storytelling. Her rich portfolio spans across platforms like NPR, iTunes, Audible, YouTube, and SoundCloud, showcasing her dynamic presence in various media. Reba’s tireless efforts to challenge stigmas, empower individuals, and promote holistic sexual wellness position her as an influential force driving positive change in the realm of sexual health education and beyond.

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