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Photo of Reba Corrine Thomas
A headshot of Reba Corrine Thomas, a black cisgender female with long black hair.

Reba Corrine Thomas


Specializing in sexual health education, content creation, resource development and marketing/communications, Reba is CEO and Founder of Sexpert Consultants LLC and Co-Founder/Principal Consultant at 38 Creative Media Group.

Reba is a member of Women of Sex Tech and also serves as an ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) and Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington (PPMW).

Reba attended Howard University and received sexual health education training through Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

Married to her best friend and soulmate, Chef Gari Thomas, Reba belongs to a beautiful blended family with several kids. In her free time, Reba loves to entertain–  working on multiple projects in audiobook production, independent film,  music production and musical theatre. Reba’s creative works can be found on NPR, iTunes, Audible, YouTube and SoundCloud.

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