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There is no “except” in “equality”

Yesterday the Washington Blade posted an article about Hilary Clinton's speech at a Pride rally. Also during her 14-minute speech, Clinton referenced the work the State Department has done in the past year to address LGBT issues overseas, including facilitating…

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Insulted and Confused

Let's pretend. Let's imagine that Mary hears that John is gay, and is having same-sex relationships while dating Susie. Mary tells Jane in hopes of getting the message to Susie. (Jane is a close friend of Susie's mom.) Mary believes…

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To “Out” or Not to “Out”

I recently posted in response to a recent thread on Bilerico that addressed one person's thoughts on why it's important to expose hypocritical "Family Values" individuals. My first thought, before I addressed this particular post, was that I have family…

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The Next Leaders of the Movement?

The notion of "queer" presents a challenge to the indentity politics logic of the contemporary gay rights movement and these young people get why that's a problem now. Listen to them.Reteaching Gender and Sexuality from PUT THIS ON THE MAP…

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Reflections on Outness

By my count, I've been out for 17 years, since late winter of 1993, when I began telling my family that I had a girlfriend, and that they would be meeting her at my college graduation. I suppose I'd been…

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Everybody Poops

No - this isn't a blog post about "pooping" - although it is true that everyone does.  This is actually about the Burglington County NJ Public Library ordering the removal of Amy Sonnie’s Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology,…

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