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Photo of the PA Capitol Building

The Right to Abortion in Pennsylvania

In the realm of reproductive justice, good news is scarce. Today, I write with some hope: Pennsylvania is considering removing a barrier to abortion access. To many, this signals a move toward finding the right to abortion in Pennsylvania’s constitution.…

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photograph of a protest sign

Abortion Is Health Care

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA), a federal law, requires that hospitals provide stabilizing care – including abortions – to patients in medical emergencies. But apparently, in Texas, it doesn’t. In early January, the Fifth Circuit Court…

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Abortion Access in Idaho

Idaho is rife with abortion ban laws, each more horrifying than the next. Post-Roe, Idaho’s six-week ban took effect, enforceable through “bounty hunter” lawsuits against doctors. But the six-week ban wasn’t enough; Idaho’s total abortion ban came next. And in…

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