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How Do I Love Thee, Scarleteen

When I was coming of age sexually there was no Scarleteen. And I was fortunate enough not to need it. If there is such a thing as a charmed introduction into one’s own sexuality, I had it. I had an…

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National Sexual Freedom Day is here!

National Sexual Freedom Day is in full force. We're tweeting from the conference in DC, and will be posting all of the great content from our blog carnival here as well. Follow us on twitter at @VickiSez and @WoodhullFound. Take…

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What is sexual freedom?

This video was made by Tiye Massey, daughter of Woodhull Freedom Foundation advisory council members Dan Massey and Alison Gardner. It is a 12 minute long look at what sexual freedom means to a range of people she interviewed on…

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Where all the labia are above average

One of the things that's kept me from blogging recently - aside from family concerns, work, and all the ordinary stuff that keeps people from blogging - is this paralysis that comes when I find a story I want to…

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Cabaret Red Light in Red Hook This Weekend Only

My sweetie writes about boats. I write about sex. Tonight we were fortunate to find an entertaining intersection between the two: Cabaret Red Light's "Seven Deadly Seas" performed on the schooner Gazela, docked for the next few nights in Atlantic…

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