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FOSTA & Internet Censorship

After living with the fallout of FOSTA for over a year, online platforms continue to sanitize the internet of any sexually-oriented expression. Sex workers have especially felt the brunt of the new law, as their safety and harm reduction tools have disappeared, resulting in an increasingly dangerous working environment. The law has been labeled an “abject failure” as a tool to fight actual sex trafficking. However, Woodhull is fighting back and sex workers have become organized and energized as a result. This panel discussion will provide updates on Woodhull’s legal challenge to FOSTA and the continuing legislative efforts to chip away at Section 230 immunity. Join Lawrence Walters, Esq., General Counsel for Woodhull, Ronnie London, Esq., co-counsel in Woodhull’s legal challenge to FOSTA, and Emma Llanso, from the Center for Democracy and Technology, for this lively discussion of FOSTA and internet censorship.

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FOSTA & Internet Censorship

from 2019 Sexual Freedom Summit

Sex Workers
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