Woodhull Staff, Board & Councils

The work of Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance would not be possible without the efforts of individuals dedicated to affirming sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. We are an organization whose work is accomplished with the support and volunteer efforts of many of the people listed below.

Woodhull Staff, Board & Councils

Ricci Joy Levy

President & CEO

Hancie Stokes

Assistant to the President

Mandy Farsace

Sexual Freedom Events Coordinator

Ted Bernhardt

Director of Operations

Elizabeth A. Wood

Senior Strategist

Lawrence G. Walters, Esq.

General Counsel

Katherine Frank

Research Consultant

Mandy Farsace

Summit Coordinator 

Ben Benavides

Operations Manager

Ted Bernhardt

Operations Manager

Richard R. Lohmeyer

Director, AV and Technology

Louis Schackleton (pronounced Loo-EEE)

Offical Woodhull Photographer

Carmen Vazquez Board Chair Hardy Haberman

Board Chair

Justyn Hintze


Kate D'Adamo


Ted Bernhardt

Board Member

Nina Hartley

Board Member

Ricci Levy

Board Member

Note: Two Directors of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation are on a leave of absence: Lisbeth Melendez-Rivera and Monica Raye Simpson.

Miriam Starobin Communication and Social Media Intern